Trinity Point Marina
  • We’re open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm today.
  • PULP $1.55 / Diesel $1.38
  • 0474 012 888
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Trinity Point Marina

Visitor Berth Bookings

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Book a Visitor Berth at Trinity Point Marina

If you wish to access a visitor berth to facilitate a booking at the new restaurant 8 at Trinity, please follow the steps below.

No boats can moor at Trinity Point Marina without completing this process online or manually at the office.

This is to confirm ownership and insurance details and to make sure all our visiting boaties comply with the mooring rules contained in our head lease.

Our Visitor berths are all located on the inside of the main curved A arm immediately inside the extremity.

Please see the marina map which clearly indicates the 14 visitor berths. AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG & A20-27

The visitor berths are only available to approved visitors for a maximum of 3 hours and no extended stays overnight at these locations. Overnight and longer stay enquiries should be directed to the Marina Office as fees apply (contact details are below)

Please select the myMarina App at the App store or Google play and complete the download.

  • Step 1: Find & Select Trinity Point Marina from the List
  • Step 2: Click make reservation
  • Step 3: Enter the required fields
  • Step 4: Upload a photo of your boat insurance policy showing the policy details and expiry date
  • Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions which are available to be read on the App
  • Step 6: A berth will be allocated, you will receive an email confirmation
  • Step 7: We will follow your first booking with an email giving you a "log in" for future bookings which must be activated within 7 days

Please understand that unacceptable behaviour that might spoil the peaceful enjoyment of others at Trinity Point Marina will result in being asked to leave and possible future refusal.

Our rules contained in the terms and conditions are focused on safety, protection of the environment and courtesy to all other visitors.

  • No fishing is permitted on or in the marina at any point
  • All rubbish is to be disposed of appropriately in the bins provided on the shore
  • We encourage efforts to eliminate single use plastics for the betterment of our beautiful lake.
  • Please be mindful of your boats wash when arriving and departing the marina to avoid impacting our neighbours and your fellow boatiesw
  • Please always supervise children and dogs must always be on a leash
  • The restaurant staff will need to facilitate your passage back to your boat after the marina security gate closes Mon-Saturday 5pm and Sunday 4.30pm
  • Please be aware the marina is fully covered with CCTV 24/7 for the protection of the vessels moored here

Please ensure your boats safety equipment is as required and the skipper is not affected by alcohol

Any questions should be directed to the Marina Office on 0474 012 888


All Restaurant bookings of up to 16 people should be made via "8 at Trinity" website:

8 at Trinity Restaurant exterior
Book a Visitor Berth at Trinity Point Marina
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Marina at dawn

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